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Ballet, Tap, and Modern Examinations are held once yearly. The teacher will monitor the children's progress throughout every class. Examinations are provided for those whom the teacher consider have  reached the necessary standard. The school has a 100% pass rate for all graded exams in Ballet, Tap and Modern with a very high percentage gaining the top mark of A's.


All Maria Evans Academy of Dance (MEAD), pupils, are invited to participate in our bi-annual show  when they have attained the necessary standard. The make-up, the Hair, the costumes, the audience, the applause, and the chance
for all the family to come along and see their children is a very exciting time. Pupils can also take part in charity shows, and once every year in December, they can perform in The Bumbles of Mumbles Charity Show at the Grand Theatre, Swansea.


A Festival is a competition, which will require a lot of dedication, We feel that taking part in group rehearsals is very rewarding for the pupils and gives them a good sense of team work. The sharing and the preparation for going on stage creates great excitement and the skills they learn working as a team, bode then well for any choice of career. 
Our choreography also allows the pupils a chance to learn a variety of dances a diversity of styles.


General Information


Tap Dancers in Red
Black and White Tap Dancers




Baby Class
Our Baby Class is held once a week for a 1 hour session. This class is split into 3 x 20 minute sections of Ballet, Tap and Modern. We feel that this allows them enough time to concentrate but, still have fun in a safe environment, with steps specially adapted to their age group, while they learn the skills needed to help them cope with their advancement into a full length class, for each of the disciplines. Usually pupils will advance to the next stage in their training, near to their 5th Birthday.


Graded Classes
From the age of 5 years, the children will move to the grade classes and start working toward's their exams with the I.S.T.D. These classes are for 40 minutes duration for each genre. As the children progress up the grades, their class will lengthen to 1 hour for  each genre.


School Policy
The Maria Evans Academy of Dance believe that correct training from an early age, sets the pupils on the right road to a career in the Arts. Ballet is the foundation of all dance genres, enabling a strong ability in other forms of dance.  We feel the importance of attending regular technical classes and then participating in exams shows and festivals, allows the children to progress
artistically and technically. Maria Evans Students have great fun, work hard, and have a great success rate in their exams and performances nationwide.

Maria Evans Parents are justifiably, very proud of their children's achievements with us.We know that what ever career our students choose to take in life, our training will have given them a head start.